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Dan Jassim's Brickshelf Page (7735)
Dan Jassim's Lego creations Newsgroup (7728)
Discuss everything related to LEGO Space models on the .space newsgroup!
Keppler Industries (7724)
The leader in modern Space Technology. (7723)

United LEGO Federation Database (7723)
Information about ULF ships, technology, and history
Et In Arcadia Lego (7721)
:: an online portfolio of Paul Hartzog's (a.k.a. Nelos Reth's) lego creations ::
Land of Bricks (7721)
A site to celebrate all that is Lego
JHK's Lego (7721)
JHK's Lego page, featuring Space and Castle models
Spacebrick, Incorporated (7721)
A place for the mindlessly Lego-obsessed. Mostly space-themed MOCS
Lego Concept Gallery at (7721)
Concept Gallery with images to get your imagination flowing
BrickShelf (7720)
Thousands of instruction scans and member galleries with great creations. (7720)
Make 3D LEGO models, building instructions, and great renderings like seen on this site on your computer for free!
smhLTEC (7720)
On this site you can find many LEGO cars, some space models, a LeoCAD tutorial, a programme to count the parts in your dat-files etc.
Lego Tuning (7720)
The site is dedicated to Lego cars: historic cars like R8 Gordini, sports car, racing car, and so on
[ z e m i d o t n e t ] (7720)
Jon Palmer's Lego blog and creations
Classic Space Forums (7720)
Discuss all that is space.
LUGNET (7719)
The LEGO Users Group Network: connect with LEGO fans around the world.
Brickfrenzy (7719)
A little bit of everything
LCC Command (7719)

Bill Ward's LEGO pages (7719)
Sculpture, space, and town models
Pallas Spaceworks (7719)
Military contractor for all your Aerospace needs
Lego Robotics Zone (7719)
Dedicated to Lego robotics. Includes articles, tutorials, creations, video, and more
Lego Works (7719)
Lego Works allows people to share their lego creativity with others. View other people's lego creations and submit your own!
Lego @ (7719)
Hafhead's site is loaded with tons of Lego Space goodness! (7718)

Legomasters Lego Continuum (7718)
BioMechanoids - Exhibits - Stories Proud Member of the Lego Mecha Hall of Fame (7718)
Galleries feature Bionicle, Models, and Robots