Q-35 Aerospace Jump-Jet


The Q-35 seats 35 passengers: 27 in the a roomy coach cabin, 6 in first class, and 2 in a VIP stateroom.  A friendly crew of six, including pilot, copilot, navigator, and three flight attendants bring the passengers to their destination in utmost comfort.
    Behind the state of the art cockpit is a short connecting hallway which links an observatory lounge and the stateroom.  The lounge is equipped with a movie screen and binoculars.  The stateroom is complete with two bunks, comfortable arm chairs, and a bar.  Stairs lead up to airtight vestibule. The vestibule can act as an airlock in an emergency since the hatch to the stairs, the outside doors, and the doors to the passenger cabin are all pressure sealed.  The entire passenger cabin can eject from the plane in the case of an emergency.  It is equiped with a tiny control cabin to operate the thrusters for minor manuevers.  The passenger cabin also has a lavatory and small galley.
    The landing gear is pneumatically operated.  [A compressor built with a old 9V motor and an air tank reside in the starboard engine nacelle.  The switch is just rear of the starboard emergency exit.]  Each of the wings contains fuel tanks and thrusters for vertical liftoff.  In the center of ship, fully manueverable thrusters assist in vertical takeoff and landing.  Two 576 cubic LU attach to the bottom of the ship, behind the central thrusters.
    Finally, the engine nacelles can operate in atmosphere or outerspace using classified ramjet technology.  [Fiberoptics in each nacelle are rotated by old 9V motors.  Although there is probably room for batteries in the port nacelle, the power must be supplied from outside.]