Luna Spire Moonbase Super-module


At over 190 studs (about 5 ft or 1.5 m) tall, the Luna Spire towers above the moonscape.  A light at the tip of the antenna array warns passing spacecraft.  A revolving restaurant 130 studs above the ground offers fine dining and a fantastic view.  Working elevators connect the restaurant to the base, where up to six corridors connect the building with the rest of the Moonbase.  In the orientation shown here, two corridors have been attached to the east side of the building.  The other corners are closed off with windows.  At the north side of the building, a landing pad for small spacecraft offers an alterative entrance.  Working lights guide the spacecraft to the pad.  Two airlocks lead into the base.  Inside, a large multi-level lobby offers comfortable seating and plenty of room for social functions.  A pushcart offers snacks, and souvenirs can also be purchased.  Between the elevators and airlocks, a communications room monitors the various antenna.  [An RCX under the landing pad controls the elevator movement, the rotation of the restaurant, and the lights at the top of the spire and on the landing pad.]