Bram's Sphere Generator

This script generates an LDraw .ldr or .mpd file of the shape of a LEGO® sphere constructed of six identical panels of plates around a Studs-Not-On-Top core. For example, choosing a diameter of 6.6-6.8 studs with the "Jumpers" option turned on will create a sphere like Bruce Lowell's.
Diameter:   Enter the desired diameter for the completed sphere.

Turn on this option to use jumper tiles (1×2 Plate with Center Stud) to smooth the shape.

Turn on this option to add alternating bands of color to the sphere to improve contrast between layers.

Turn off this option to see what the sphere would look like built with tiles instead of plates.

Turn off this option to see how a single panel (of the six which make up the sphere) is shaped.
Advanced Options
Core size:

Some sphere diameters can be built with two different size cubic cores (for example, 3×3×3 studs or 4×4×4 studs), one of which may look better than the other. Choose whether to use the smaller or larger core.
Plate height: This option specifies where in the height of the plate to measure the distance to the desired spherical surface. A height of 0 corresponds to the bottom of the plate, while 1.5 corresponds to the tops of the studs. Choose 0.5 to discount the stud height for a tiled sphere.
Memory saver:

Parts: make a shell of 1x1 plates, tiles, and jumpers. This will import into LDraw compatible editors.
Primitives: make a solid stack of boxes with studs on them. This will load faster in an LDraw viewer, but you won't be able to edit.
Other Shapes
Thinking beyond the sphere? Check out LSculpt for translating more complex shapes into a surface of LEGO® plates. keychain